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Christ Church Preparatory School and College is dedicated to providing a fully inclusive Christian education, catering to students from our Little Seedlings (Grade 000) to Grade 12. Our Little Seedlings focuses on learning through play, recognising the importance of hands-on experiences in early childhood development. As students progress into Primary School, we adopt a more formal approach to assessments and teaching, ensuring that all students are continuously monitored and supported to reach age-appropriate milestones. We also provide our own in-house Learning Support Centre which partners with teachers and parents to bridge academic challenges some students may have. The Edunique Centre has a full cohort of therapists and Learning Support Specialists ensuring that no student is left behind. At Christ Church, we follow the CAPS curriculum, with the Independent Examination Board (IEB) as the examining body, fostering a holistic approach to education. We believe in instilling Christian values in all aspects of teaching and learning. Our students are encouraged to embrace technology and practical applications, as we understand the significance of these skills in the modern world. Additionally, we implement Project Based Learning across various grades in the Intermediate phase, allowing students to address real-world issues in South Africa and develop problem-solving abilities using 21st-century skills. As students reach the culmination of their schooling journey in Grade 12, we prepare them for life after school, through comprehensive IEB examinations. Our goal is to nurture and develop future leaders and entrepreneurs, equipping young minds with the skills and mindset needed to “Serve and Lead” in their respective fields. At Christ Church, we take pride in our commitment to providing a dynamic and creative educational environment that empowers students to thrive.
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