Christ Church Preparatory School

To Serve and to Lead

Christ Church Preparatory School and College, like most private schools, uses the national curriculum which we develop and flesh out according to our own Christian ethos.

The school aims to provide a good balance between formal and informal activities.  Attention is paid to the all-round development of the child.  We recognise that the programme needs to encompass the spiritual, emotional, social, academic and physical areas.

The school programme will include:

Daily / Weekly Themes
Planned according to children’s interests, different backgrounds and cultures.

Grouping of children within a particular class according to their needs, experience and maturity.

Child Assessment
Continuous observation and assessment throughout the year to monitor each child’s progress.A formal report is issued to parents at regular intervals.  Identification of problems, and referral to independent professionals and/or therapists where necessary.

Learning Support Programme
Development of programmes, by a qualified remedial specialist promoting the maximum potential from children with specific learning needs.

Extra-mural Activities and Sport

Grades 1 – 2

  • Nestling sport
  • Swimming


Grades 3 – 6

  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Soccer (boys)
  • Swimming
  • Fitness and Ball Skills
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Hockey

“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is inspiring change.” – William Arthur Ward