After Care Centre

Christian environment for CCPS/CCC pupils

1. General Information

  • Christ-centred care is provided for pupils from Grades 000 to 12, during term, until 17:30 daily.
  • A lunch is provided in the pre-school section only, while a snack is provided in all sections.
  • Pre-school: Rest time follows lunch. After this, there is supervised playtime and on some days structured activities.
  • Preparatory school: Learners must complete homework first, before playing. Reading is listened to for grades 1 to 3.
  • College: Compulsory study/homework sessions with a break for snack.
Section: Pre-school Preparatory school (Gr 1 – 6) College
Supervisor Linda Nkosi Julie Irwin Noma Ndlovu
Venue Pre-school centre until 17:00,
then the small hall (A block)
Multi-purpose hall until
17:00, then the small hall (A block)
On occasions, the small hall
Small hall ( A block) and
on occasions classrooms
What to
Sun hat, spare set of clothes,
a plastic mug, small pillow
and blanket – all labelled
A packed lunch, all stationary
needed for homework, a change of clothes (optional) and a hat
A packed lunch and all
stationary needed for


ADMINISTRATOR: Robyn Bessinger (011 315 2481)
CATERER: Ursula Simmers
Contact number: 011 318 2481 (all sections)

Note: Should medicine need to be administered to your child, please hand the medicine to a teacher or aftercare staff member, clearly marked with written instructions about storage and dosage. Please ensure that all items are clearly labelled. The onus on homework completion rests with the child. All learners must abide by school and aftercare rules. Misconduct may result in suspension from aftercare. If a learner is picked picked up later than 17:30 more than three times in any one term, then their place at aftercare may be reviewed.

2. Enrolments and Registration

  • An enrolment form needs to be completed annually. This can be done at the pre-school tea and grade 1 welcoming party on the 10th January or on the 11th in the small hall (A block) from 7:15 am. Thereafter forms can be obtained from aftercare or from the school’s website.
  • Pupils can be enrolled for the full week or part thereof, or on an adhoc basis. In the pre-school section, children can be enrolled until 13:30, 15:30 or until 17:30. Should your child come on an adhoc basis, please notify the centre as early as possible, so that we can ensure that learners come to aftercare and are catered for.
  • Should your child’s aftercare needs change, please inform the centre in writing. Please keep aftercare informed of any change of telephone numbers and other contact details.

3. Security and Fetching

  • A register is kept daily and a record is kept of learners’ extra murals so that their whereabouts are known. Learners in grades 1 and upwards are required to report to aftercare promptly and book in. They also need permission should they need to leave the centre for any reason, for example to go to a private lesson.
  • For security reasons, learners must be signed out by an authorised adult. Once signed out, learners may not be left at the centre. Written permission must be given if your child is to be collected by another person. Please notify the centre if your child is absent or fetched early.

4. Fees

Fees will be included on your school account and late payments dealt with as per the school late payment policy. Please refer to the schedule.

Should you wish to discontinue your child’s aftercare, two weeks written notice is needed, or in lieu thereof, one month’s fees.

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